An August Photoblog

We went to Vancouver

Tree in tree
to visit my Dad.

Barry and Kelly's suspension bridge
We went to my favourite childhood beach, Kitsilano.

8.3.09_9 SMALL FILE
Kitsilano Beach

After returning to California we took a day trip to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara

We spent a day at LACMA,

Vertical Lines at LACMA

and I took the boys to see “Choo Choo Soul

Choo Choo Soul
where we were reminded that vegetables give you powers like a super hero.

Choo Choo Soul

Finally, on the last day of the month, Little Red was supposed to have his first day of school. Unfortunately, due to the raging fires and unsafe air quality, school was postponed. We took our children to the Science Center and let them play in a safer environment. Below, Little Red and Boy Blue are in the Science Center modelling what I think should have been the first day of school outfits.

This is not the first-day-of-school photo

3 thoughts on “An August Photoblog

  1. Thank you for being a lurker on my blog! So glad you enjoy reading it! Loved seeing your photos…my husband is originally from the Santa Barbara area!

    -Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}-

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