The Mystery of the Rock

Last week Little Red burst into tears, despondant over his favourite rock that he insisted Miss Andrea had flushed down our toilet.  He told the exact same story a couple of times over the next few days with such clarity of recollection, but it baffled us because no part of Andrea flushing a rock down our toilet made sense.

I asked her about it, and we had a good chuckle, but neither of us could figure out where this story originated and concluded it must have been a very vivid dream.  Little Red insisted it happened, and politely but firmly said, “you just don’t remember, Miss Andrea.”

This morning she suddenly remembered the events from so long ago that must surely have led to his allegations.  Back when Jack was potty training (we think it was about a year and a half ago?  It seems like ancient history,) she was babysitting over at our place and taking Jack for frequent potty trips.  On one such trip he remarked about the discolourations at the bottom of the bowl said they were rocks.  She explained that they were not, and flushed the toilet to show him that they were not, indeed, rocks.

At that very moment Little Red came running over to the powder room and said, “you flushed my rocks??!”

Turns out he was correct on Tuesday with his allegations that she just didn’t remember…

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