Talking about Little Red’s schools is going to take many, many posts.  I hardly know where to start.  I had so much anxiety about starting, and was more ready to pull out than to go through with it come the first day of school.

But when I prayed I knew it was the right decision for right now.  And every day that I drop him off and pick him up I get another confirmation that I made the right decision.  We have had a lot of opposition regarding this decision, and many people have taken it very personally.  I am so grateful to know, ever day, that I made the right decision.  That’s all that matters.

It’s a school that treats every child as gifted, instead of using enriching materials only for those who have tested as gifted.  It’s a school that supports a real feeling of community.  It’s a school immune from so much of the political nonsense in the district.  It’s a school where you can tell the teachers and staff really love their jobs and love being there.

It’s a small school in a lower-income neighbourhood.  We don’t have the same funding as larger schools or those in more affluent communities.  Fortunately,,, and Target have teamed up to give one deserving school $20,000!  Please vote for our school and ask all your friends and family members to do the same — anyone over 13 can vote!

 America's Favorite School Contest - help your school win $20,000 - vote today!

Vote early.  Vote often.  Thank you.

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