NBA on a Dime

The Principal at Little Red’s school works hard to provide the students with as many opportunities as possible. Using a contact he has with the Family First Foundation he scored over 100 tickets to the Clippers’ game last week, and hopes to get more event tickets during the year. And guess what? The seats were […]

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[sometimes] I Love LA

I’ve made it a personal challenge, that if I’m going to pay so much to live here, I’m going to get my money’s worth, and have tried to take advantage of as many things as I could. I especially try to attend the free activities, free museum days, community events, etc. We have had a […]

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Apparently I’m a Little Bit Crunchy

Paul and I were talking about the different personalities of the different classes at the school and he mentioned that the German parents seem really down to earth. He said, “they seem really nice, even though some of them are pretty hard-core granola.” “Actually, I think some of those granola parents are my favourite.” “Well, […]

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Blue’s Clues

Boy Blue speaks in sentences all the time. They’re surprisingly clear, too, as non-family members can often understand him. Remember when he was turning two and not talking? How things change. With each word he says, I learn a little more about his personality. Last week he had the following tantrums, full-blown screaming fests with […]

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I didn’t intend to go so long without blogging, nor did I mean for so many of my posts to be so negative. While I want to feel free to vent when needed, I really want the focus of my blog to be highlighting the joy and beauty in my world. There is so much […]

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