I didn’t intend to go so long without blogging, nor did I mean for so many of my posts to be so negative. While I want to feel free to vent when needed, I really want the focus of my blog to be highlighting the joy and beauty in my world.

There is so much joy and beauty.

Paul loves his job, and more importantly, his superiors love him. Rather than seeing him as a drone or as a dispensible commodity, they want to hear his ideas, are implementing his ideas, and have big plans for his growth within the company (and that has nothing to do with marrying the boss’ daughter!) More than once he has called home to say, “can I just tell you that I love my job?” or “can I just tell you that I love working for (insert name of new boss, or insert name of CEO here.)”

Little Red loves school. He plays with different children nearly every day, and as we walk to school in the mornings I hear children calling his name from different directions. Some of them are children in his class, some are in the Spanish, German, or English kindergartens, and some are older. Many of them are girls. And there are several whose names he doesn’t know, but they still greet him with enthusiasm, and they know his name. I am learning Italian one homework assignment at a time (thanks to google translator!) I’m so impressed with the speed and ease with which he is picking up the language. I went through an immersion programme myself, but when you’re five you just do whatever you do. It isn’t until you are an adult that you see it happen and think, “this is amazing!”

Boy Blue is a confirmed thumb-sucker, but a happier child than he was during the summer months. Many of the anxieties he had have settled down, and with his older brother in school he gets more of me in the mornings. He still gets quality playtime with his best friend every day, and looks forward to picking him up.

I have been keeping very busy with my responsibilities as the secretary in the women’s organization, Relief Society. I have never felt so sure that I was the right person for a particular calling than I do right now. It’s so nice to feel so good about what I’m doing. In addition to that I’ve been coordinating several fundraising projects for our PTA. The level of committment and involvement of the parents at this school is envigorating. It’s fun to see so much good happening!

As for our housing, we’re still looking, although it isn’t occupying too much of our time. We’ll know the right situation when we find it, and will find a way to make things work out in the meantime.

Life is good. Really, deeply, profoundly good.

5 thoughts on “Update

  1. We spent too many years miserable because Dave hated his job. I am thankful every single day that we are where we are and that Dave loves what he does. Somehow it just makes my job as wife and supporter that much easier and more enjoyable…

    I am thankful that you guys have found happiness.

  2. So glad that life is settling down!!! 🙂

    Have you checked craigslist for houses? You probably have. Out here you can find cheap houses/apts there. One of my friends also put a post in the “housing wanted” section and basically said what she wanted and what price range and a guy emailed her back and they are renting an AMAZING house now! Might be worth a shot 😀

  3. i’m smiling.

    no, really. deep to the core, eyes starting to shine with a grin until the rest of my face can catch up, purely and freely smiling.

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