Blue’s Clues

Boy Blue speaks in sentences all the time. They’re surprisingly clear, too, as non-family members can often understand him. Remember when he was turning two and not talking? How things change. With each word he says, I learn a little more about his personality.

Last week he had the following tantrums, full-blown screaming fests with tears:

“No take nap, eat broccoli! Eat broccoli now, nap later!” (He was trying to delay his nap and join Little Red for snacktime. He wasn’t actually hungry. I do feed my children. Honestly. I swear.)

“No wash hands in sink. Wash hands in milk. WASH HANDS IN MILK!!!”

“No! No! Give me back my booger! Give it back RIGHT NOW!” (That’s what Paul gets for cleaning the little guy’s nose before bedtime.)

10 thoughts on “Blue’s Clues

  1. sometimes the booger is all you got. and it’s his. i think he should call the cops and report a theft. πŸ˜‰

    as for the broccoli… that kills me. LOL. best argument to not take a nap i’ve ever heard! so, you kind of win no matter what in that debate. make him nap? win. voluntarily eat broccoli? win.

    conclusion? boy blue is full of win! and boogers. heh.

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