Don’t Miss This One

Do you know about Little Bird Tales? It’s only the coolest way to highlight your child’s voice and artistry. You simply upload his artwork, record his voice, and voila! It’s sooooo cool. Seriously.

Well, from now through December 25th Little Bird Tales is offering to donate 50% of your subscription costs to our school when you use coupon code: fundfranklin! What’s that? A great deal on a cool product, aaaaaaaand half of your money goes straight to an amazingly innovative public school?  (I don’t know if you know or not, but public schools in California are terribly underfunded.) 

I know what my children’s grandparents (and my own grandparents) will be getting every birthday, Christmas, and other gift-giving event next year — the joy of my children’s voices and pictures.

To subscribe, go to and click on “Sign Up Today”, then click on the “use coupon” button and verify ‘fundfranklin’.  This code can be used by anyone, so pass it on to friends and family who might be interested. It’s a fun, easy way to create unique and “green” Holiday cards and share the year’s highlights with friends and family! Record your kids singing their favorite holiday song or narrating a story and send to it everyone!

One thought on “Don’t Miss This One

  1. Wow! I was very surprised to find this posted about our website! Thank you so much for giving our site and fundraiser some attention on your blog! We hope Franklin raises lots of money and that kids, parents and their friends and family benefit from all that Little Bird Tales has to offer!

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