I Remember

I did not post on Remembrance Day, but I remembered.  I sent Little Red to school the day before with one of my childhood poppies pinned to his shirt.  I knew the chances were high that it would not survive the day, and I was ready for that sacrifice; the more important thing was that I was teaching him that we do not forget.

He was still wearing it when I picked him up at the end of school.  He didn’t completely remember why, but I still considered it a win.  He is only four.

The following day, a holiday, I crocheted a couple of poppies and passed them, along with a copy of In Flanders’ Fields, to the two women I would see that day — two women I love dearly and I knew would understand my reverence for the day.  I had my moment of silence in the Dentist’s chair, a strange place for such a sacred event, but was able to talk with the dentist about the poppy and it’s significance.  I achieved deep relaxation in that chair — the most relaxed I have felt in a long time, and was grateful for both the holiday and the appointment which forced me to take a few moments to think.

It will always be a sacred day for me.  It may not be so in the greater population, but I can instill reverence for the day in my children, and carry the tradition along.  When they are older, I will teach them of my Grandad, and my Great-Grandad, and the legacy they have left for us.  This year, a poppy will suffice.

5 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. I definitely miss the poppies on Remembrance day. That was one thing I was really excited to “celebrate” again when I served my mission. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Is this what your Memorial Day is?

    I read the poem. Thank you for sharing it.

    Craig’s grandfather fought in WWI and Craig’s father in WWII. He was on 4 ships that were hit, three of which sunk. His grandfather should have been on the Cyclops which was lost in the Bermuda Triangle, but because he was a German immigrant and the Cyclops had German prisoners on it, he was moved to a different ship at the last minute. Craig also teaches our children of the sacrifices made by many on their behalf, but I don’t think we have given it as much reverence as we should. Thanks again.

    1. Veteran’s Day for you is Remembrance Day for us. It solemnizes the signing of the armistice to end WWI. I never quite figured out the whole Memorial Day thing? To me Remembrance Day is the combination of Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, only without the barbeques. 😉

  3. The Conservative government has really ramped up the whole Remembrance Day thing lately. They’ve been putting ads on TV, and there was a web site this year. You’d have been in your element here. It’s good that you are doing your part there, though. (So glad the poppy was safe at the end of the day. They are so ubiquitous here in November I take them for granted.)

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