True Confessions.

Let me begin by saying that while I will never win an award for Homemaker of the Year, my place is far from a pig sty. The toys are frequently strewn around during the day but we make it a point to pick up nightly (as much as possible) and I keep the kitchen and bathrooms sanitary.

I am, however, humbled and embarassed by the weekend.

We’ve had a problem every once in a while of our smoke alarm going off in 10-15 second bursts for no reason. Not only is it an unnecessary intrusion on our day, but I could do without the jolt of adrenaline to my heart, and it terrorizes Boy Blue. After several weeks of peace we were rudely interrupted on Saturday morning at 5 am with the same bursts, every 2-3 minutes for over an hour. Needless to say, we were not amused! I gathered the presence of mind to do a little research online and discovered that while the culprit could be anything from an old unit (it is old) to spiders, to humidity, to HAM radios, it could just as easily be dust (in the five years we’ve lived here I’ve never once dusted, vacuumed, or otherwise cleaned the unit.) I sent Paul upstairs with one of those cans of air we use on the computer, and he solved the problem instantly. Wonderful!

Yesterday morning the problem with my computer monitor that I had been ignoring in hopes it’d go away came to a head. Paul’s solution? A little bit of air. You guessed it — it worked. We’ll probably still have to buy a new monitor (because –YES– the warranty just expired) but as long as I can dust the back and power down and wait a couple of minutes every time I log in but eventually get the screen to work, then that’s good.

Word to the wise, my friends, when it doubt, DUST!

6 thoughts on “True Confessions.

  1. OK, let me get this straight, you are embarrassed by a little dust in your SMOKE DETECTOR??? You have just been added to the people who will never be allowed in my house. (I’m kidding, of course) πŸ™‚

  2. Our smoke alarms did that a few weeks ago! It is super annoying! Ours ONLY seems to go off in the middle of the night. I actually bought a new one after that happened, but we haven’t installed it yet. Maybe all it is is dust! What a simple solution! And we have those air cans too! If I only knew that would solve it. I guess I’m not as smart as you to research why it was going off! That’s why I have friends that are smarter than me!

    1. It tooks us several different episodes of this happening before we finally did the research. Honestly, if it hadn’t gone off at 5am I probably still wouldn’t have done the work.

      But hey, I think our heater is out. Remember when yours was out? Was it a big deal to get that fixed? You know how much I hate making maintenance calls and I have had my oven fixed twice in the past six months …

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