Little Red awoke before his brother this morning. I heard his door creak open, and then mine, and finally he approached my bedside. I kept my eyes closed the whole time; it’s a ritual I do with both boys, letting them think they’re waking me up. Somehow being awake with my eyes closed for the whole 35 seconds or so that it takes to walk down the hall helps me wake easier.  The boys certainly love feeling that they’re surprising me at my bedside.

tap tap tap

He tapped my arm and said, “I’m a five year old today.”  He used to say “Gup, Mummy, gup!”

Downstairs I decided to warm up Boy Blue, who is two, to the idea that today will be mostly about his brother. “Five years ago today I was in the hospital having Reed. Aren’t we lucky that he came to our family? Isn’t that exciting that today is his birthday?”

Little Red approached his brother and said, “even more exciting than that, I get to open my presents today!”


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