Christmas Wreaths

I found this pattern in November and immediately started saving my milk jugs. When finally I had enough for a small wreath (three) I began my project — with less than two weeks before Christmas.

Exactly one week from Christmas it was finally done. I proudly displayed my new project on our front door, and left to meet Little Red at his school for his class party.

Little Red noticed it as soon as we came home. “That’s nice, Mummy” he said, “but mine is better. Let’s put mine up.” So we did.

(Proud Mama would like to add that the boys now save milk jugs and everything else, saying, “we can make something with this! Let’s UPcycle!” I am so so so so proud of them.)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wreaths

  1. okay, TOTALLY COOL! I just looked at that site. So many great ideas for wreaths. Yours turned out beautiful. Never would have thought it was milk jugs.

  2. They are both lovely, but the kids’ decorations will be taking precedence for at least a few more years.

    So nice to get into the spirit of things. 🙂

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