Five is Fun

My baby is five.  That means my blog is nearly five.  But that’s not the point.  The point is my baby is five. 

The reasons we had his party when we did are varied and unimportant.  How it became a class-wide party is simpler:  there is a girl in his class whose birthday is one day before Little Red’s, her mother talked me into going in on a combined class party.  It was supposed to be simple, it was supposed to be casual, it was supposed to be at the park.  It was none of those things.

We got LA County’s yearly allotment of rain in three days.  It made me very happy to have rain, even if it squelched our park plans.  My sweet friend Jen volunteered her home to a collection of people whom she didn’t know, for which I am so indebted.  When it came time to lay a table of snacks for the parents for our 2-4pm just-play-at-the-park-and-have-cupcakes party, we realized we didn’t do “simple” very well.

The party was fun, but crazy, and while Little Red was so glad to see so many of his classmates there, I think the crowds were a bit much for him.

He wasn’t alone long, he was soon joined by several of his closest friends.  At one count I believe we had eight children in that small corner.

All in all, I’m glad we did it this way.  We’ll never do a class party again.  Next year, when he turns six, he may invite six friends (plus whomever we feel needs an invite but has been left out.)  I’m glad to be getting to know the families of his class — we will all be together for six years at least.  I especially loved the creative vibe in the gifts.  One of my faves was watercolourpaper-turned postcards with a watercolour set and stamps.  We used them for Thank You cards.

Thank you, Little Red, for being you.  And thank you for five great years!

2 thoughts on “Five is Fun

  1. Looks like it was fun, if not a bit crazy! Hurray for being 5! What a fun age! 😀

    We’ve had the rule of the kids just inviting one friend for each year old they are. Next year we’re switching it to every other year bday parties (and on the off year it’ll just be a family party). We’ll see how that works!

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