New You (and me)

I’m making new friends with a girl whom I’m hoping to emulate.  She is self-assured and down-to-earth.  She is simple and deep.  She is who she is and makes (and needs) no excuses.  She was a mechanical engineer by trade.  (I asked her how she came to that and she replied, “well, I was good at math and science.”  So was I, and I decided to be an elementary teacher.)  She’s also a musician.  She is also a crafter, having sewn and crocheted many Christmas gifts…  A well-rounded person?  Yes.   An inspiration?  Definitely.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how we sell ourselves short, and give ourselves artificial limitations.  I can’t do that . . .  Really?  why not?  I think we all could be better, more amazing, more accomplished, and more complete if we just let ourselves.  I believe we would also be a happier people, being thus more fulfilled and less burdened by our own negative self-talk.  Deep down, we all know that our potential is great, and that we have near-infinite powers, but the acceptance of this frightens us.  If we loosen our tethers, how high could we fly?

This year I have two personal goals.  I want to be a more emotionally self-sufficient person.  No longer will I allow the words or actions of others dictate my own moods or self-worth.  As long as I am okay with the decisions I make, I don’t care what other people think.  My second goal is to not use the phrase “I can’t.”  There are so many forces in the world that push us down, and I don’t need to do it to myself.  My father once said “commit yourself to no mediocre moments.”  That is what I intend to do with 2010.

Happy New Year, Happy New You.

3 thoughts on “New You (and me)

  1. I have had very similar thoughts the last several weeks. I too am trying very hard to “embrace my awesomeness”. Thanks for articulating it so much better than I could.

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