Talk Like Me

Boy Blue surprises me with how clearly he says things. With only a couple of exceptions his articulation is very good. And the sentences he spews out? Hilarious. How about “The train honking is making me crazy” as an excuse to get out of bed at night?  Or, “I wanted to say good night to Little Red”, especially funny since when they’re both in bed their heads are about seven inches away from each other but he had to climb out of his crib, and come downstairs, to tell me. 

I frequently forget that he’s still only two (he tells people he’s five.) I forget, that is, until he uses some of his tell-tale still-learning-to-talk noises. He doesn’t make the “er” sound, and has replaced it all with “ie.”   Some of my favourite Boy Blue words are the following:  watie, traily Soupy Boy Blue, and Petey Pan.

His other classic substitution is /t/ for /k/. “Cookie”, for example, is “tookie” and “okay” is “otay.”

Sometimes we think he does all this just because he knows it makes him even cuter. Honestly, it’s all just so adorable. I know I’ve said this before but it makes me crazy when people use the term “terrible twos” because I personally find it one of the most enchanting times. I’m not saying it’s a cake walk, no developmental stage is, but most of the bad behaviour my kids do at this age is due to wanting more attention (it’s scary to realize you are no longer a baby and sometimes you need a little extra comfort) or a lack of consistency in their lives (ie: too many skipped bedtimes? too much sugar?) I am so grateful that Paul and I made the sacrifice for me to stay home with the boys. I’m so glad I’m not missing the two million cute things they say every day (even if I don’t write them down and promptly forget them.)

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