So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done

Last night for our family night we talked about goal-setting, and set some for our family.  We hope that during the year 2010 we will do the following things:

Boy Blue will be completely potty-trained (no more of this on-again, off-again stuff.  We’re on-again right now and I hope it sticks this time!)

Little Red will stop sucking his thumb.

Mummy and Daddy will get more exercise.

We would like to have our own place.  We don’t need anything big or fancy, just something that’s got room for a piano and is ours.  (Little Red has already picked out paint colours:  blue for the living room, yellow for his bedroom, and black for the kitchen.)  The goal is actually that I’m teaching piano by the end of the year, but we have chosen to make that happen by hopefully getting a house.


3 Responses to So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done

  1. feathersky says:

    Hey, everyone needs a black kitchen. 😉

    Your goals sound better than the ones mine came up with a few weeks ago… 😛

  2. Sally says:

    A black kitchen! I could use one of those–to cover up all the smoke stains from my burnt food! Much luck to you in your goal-setting journey!

  3. Karen says:

    Hahaha, maybe it’s not so good to let a young boy make the decorating decisions for you. 🙂

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