Christmas Wrap-Up

It’s nearly a month since Christmas and I still haven’t documented our adventure. We had the best of both worlds this year. We stayed home AND we got to see family.

On Christmas Day, after we had opened our gifts, lazed around with our new toys, and called my family, we went up to Paul’s brother’s place. Suddenly he showed up with Paul’s parents and the other two brothers (and accompanying wife and baby.) What a surprise for our boys! On Christmas Day we visited, and ate.

We celebrated Boxing Day in the way that is traditional for my people (shopping the sales.) We also took the train up to Santa Barbara while three family members drove the three cars, played around in Santa Barbara for a while, ate at La Super Rica, and drove home, stopping in Ventura for supper. (Ventura is a special place, it’s where Mark and Eleas lived when we first moved to Cali.)


On Sunday Jan and I did a musical number in church. Afterwards Paul made ravioli and we feasted until the Las Vegas contingent of the family had to leave.

On Monday we went to Santa Monica, many of us recalling that the last time we’d all been there together was only days before Little Red was born. I was very happy to not have to drain the fluid from my feet and cankles every few steps this time! We even ate at Il Fornaio and walked along the pier to complete the memory.

The weekend, in a word, was perfect. I love my [husband’s] family!


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