The Gift To Be Simple

Somewhere along the line of adolescence I made a conscious decision which changed my life.  It was not a singular moment, mind you, but a series of decisions to choose to be “like this, not that.”  Yes, when I was younger I thought it sure would be cool to be a princess, to be adored, and to call the shots, but I knew I didn’t want to be that person.  I am no diva.  I knew quite young that I wanted to be low-maintenance.  I wanted to be the low-drama friend, and the easy-going wife. 

This was especially important to me as I thought about the kind of wife I wanted to be.  I didn’t want to spend so much time in the bathroom that we were late for everything, I’d rather go out and do something fun!  I didn’t have a list of “musts” that I needed to maintain my lifestyle and that my husband had no choice but to provide.  In the years I’ve focused on being carefree and self-sacrificing, I’ve been my happiest, and in the years I felt I had some entitlement or had an unwritten list of things which I felt imperative, I was miserable.  (Likewise, when I thought, “I am lucky” I had joy, but if I thought “they are lucky to have me” I had sorrow.) 

I knew back then, fifteen or more years ago, the kind of person I wanted to be, and each day I try to be her, as a gift to my family and friends.  The gift of an easy, happy day.  I could have chosen my looks, you know. 

Now I look to the future and do the same: what kind of woman do I want to be in the next ten or twenty years?  I’ll never be her completely, but I can start practicing now.  And that makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “The Gift To Be Simple

  1. Dang, if only I could fall back on my looks 😉

    I enjoy the simple life too. I’ve never had a list of “musts” except for cool stuff–like I must go camping in the summer, get sunburned beyond reason once a year (I don’t know how that got on the list, but it happens every year so it must be on the list!), watch sappy movies every once in a while, and occasionally be spoiled with a big bag of beef jerky! It’s a good life!

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