If You Book Your Vacation On Orbtiz…

If you book your vacation on Orbitz,
someone in your party will certainly have to change his ticket
(because these things happen)
and the Orbitz person will get confused
and charge your card
but finally refund your card
and get everything straightened out.

And even when you think everything is straightened out
you’ll get a letter from a collections agency
three months later
for the charge that was removed from your card
claiming that it was a disputed charge
since discredited.

And if you choose to contact Orbitz
and get things straightened out
they will hit you with so many walls
and strange hours
that you will have to take time off of your new job
(logging 14 hours and counting!)
to repeat the same story ad nauseum
just to try to sort things out.

And while you are trying to get this sorted out with Orbitz
the collections agency with whom they contract
will break all the consumer protection laws
so that even when you tell them that you are working with Orbitz
to resolve THEIR clerical error
and remind them that they have to leave you alone for 30 days
because you told them you are working on it
they’ll still call every week.
And even on Christmas Eve.

When finally you get this all resolved
nearly a year after the original flight
you’ll be so worn out
you’ll definitely need to take a vacation.

But whatever you do, don’t book it with Orbitz!

(We’re still waiting for our situation to be resolved.  Ugh.)


4 thoughts on “If You Book Your Vacation On Orbtiz…

  1. Yeah, I don’t so much care for orbitz…these days I have an ebates account and if you use them to book through expedia (which tends to offer the best deals anyway) you get money back.

    Such a bummer that you have to deal with that crap from the industry. I know from work that it can be super frustrating and I even use a travel agent to help!

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