I had received a year-end from our local utility comparing me with 100 of my neighbours and with my 20 most energy-efficient neighbours.  I was way below the curve and only slightly above my energy-efficient neighbours almost of the year, but had an off-the-charts spike in the middle.  The letter said in big bold letters “You used 58% MORE electricity than your neighbors.  This costs you about $486 EXTRA.” 

I think they want me to take steps to become more energy efficient.  (Angela laughed when I told her.  “There must be a mistake!” She exclaimed.  “You’re the most efficient person I know!”  She moved a year and a half ago, she has forgotten how poorly built this building is.)  I wonder if they’ll help me with my moving costs to get into a place without huge gaps around the windows and doors. . . ???  I can sure think of other ways I’d rather spend that $486 this year. 

(For the record, the letter was of no surprise to me whatsoever.  I’m fully aware that I’m cooling the whole neighbourhood when I run my a/c and have done everything I can to weatherproof this place.)

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