Last year, having come to the realization that I was never going to be the hippy to which I aspired, and that I, and more importantly my family, was just a little too mainstream, I concluded that what I really wanted to be when I grew up was a minimalist.

Which is great except that I’m also a crafter. I’m pretty sure that minimalist and crafter are mutually exclusive.

Maybe I can call myself an artisan? Would that somehow hide my collections of stuff-that-could-be-useful-for-something?

4 thoughts on “conundrum

  1. I’m that way, too. Being minimalist has not worked out so great for me. 😛 I have a big tub of quilting fabric under the bed, remnants of scrapbook hobby items in my closet, and books galore (which is pretty stupid because I haven’t read anything in about 2 years now). I think I need a bigger house and more time for leisure activities!

  2. With a nod to Ewokmama, I used to think a bigger house would be the answer. It just takes longer to fill up the space and allows you to keep even more “might be useful” stuff. I would like to move into a smaller space, which would force me to make choices about what I really want to keep. Inertia is a big part of the problem for me.

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