Proving I Have Neither Brains Nor Brawn

I didn’t set loosing weight as a New Year Resolution. That didn’t mean that exercising again wasn’t important to me, and I decided that despite the setbacks with my stroller I wanted to get started. I knew that my old standby, my beloved yoga, was great, but not going to take me down that twenty pounds I gained last year that I needed to get more aggressive.

When you think “aggressive” what comes to mind? Jillian Michaels, of course. And e-veryone is talking about her workouts. And her “30day Shred” was on sale at Target for $10. Totally a sign.

(mental note: ignore all future “signs”)

It was a great workout, and I felt so good when I was done! I wasn’t able to do everything as well as I had hoped, but I reminded myself that I am twenty pounds heavier than ever before and that I have not been very active, really, since I started watching Daytime Brother a year and a half ago. I cut myself some slack.

That was Monday. By Monday evening I started to get sore. Fine. The muscle group surprised me, but I shrugged it off.

Everyone has a favourite muscle group, be it arms or legs or abs, it’s the old reliable that never fails and always works. For me it was my quads. No matter how frequently or infrequently I tended to them, they always performed as needed.

So I expected that my arms would be sore, or my shoulders, or my abs, or all of the above. I obviously made concessions for them during that first workout. I never in a million years would have even thought that my legs would give me trouble. Imagine my surprise when, all day Tuesday, and all day Wednesday, it was my quads that were giving me trouble. I couldn’t walk straight, I couldn’t go up and down the stairs.

Has it really been that long since the days that I carried a drousy 20-pound Daytime Brother down the hall doing walking lunges to get him to sleep? Have I really been that lazy in doing my squats while I brush my teeth? I guess the answer is that I’m not 19 anymore. While I have no qualms about being 31, I clearly haven’t paid attention to the fact that it means my body is different. Definitely, when I can move again, I’m going to start my program differently, slower. Do NOT expect me to be shredded in 30 days.  But maybe by next year.

One thousand curses to the porcelain throne, for being exactly midway into a squat.


2 thoughts on “Proving I Have Neither Brains Nor Brawn

  1. I’ve been so horrible at exercising the past couple months. I’ve told myself that once we move, no more excuses–gotta get back to exercising! I’m going to be in the same sore predicament that you are in!!!

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