Circle of Respect

When I first moved out here I was assigned a very special visiting teacher.  She was one of those people who truly understood the Gospel and her place in it.  It was an integral part of her life and she moved seamlessly through all of her duties as mother, wife, teacher, student, disciple … It was a beautiful thing to watch and an inspiring thing to surround me.  For several years she visited me faithfully, and was truly my first friend in California.  Because of her influence, and the information she provided for me as she got to know my needs, I can say that nearly every good thing about my life right now can be traced back one way or another to her.  I will always, always be grateful for her.

I want to be more like her.

She would always say she wanted to be more like another mutual friend (one whom, for the record, I considered to be so stratospheric that I had no hope to be like her and was content just to be her friend.)  Today that mutual friend commented to me that she, too, considered my first visiting teacher to be one of her heroes.

(For more about the visiting teaching program, go here.)

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