Blue’s Clues

1/16: Let’s go to church, find my joker, and then go home. 1/19: (when realize he’s about to get in trouble for being naughty) No!  Don’t defeat me! 1/21:  Daddy, you don’t have milkies.  Mummy has milkies.  But you still have flowers. 1/29:  (as Mack) BumbleBee, I’m poopy.  The muck is in my diaper. 2/26:  […]

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Holding on with Hawaii

Is it strange that as I watch, transfixed, the news waiting for the tsunami that I miss Hawaii even more than I did before? But I do. I love those people, I love those islands, I love the life we lived there. I remember hearing the older ones share their memories of the last big […]

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Thursdays Thoughts

I decided not to blog today. I have several drafts in the works but decided not to ruin any of them by working on them today. Turns out I don’t think well on 2 hours of sleep. In case you were wondering, sleeping in a racecar bed is not as glamourous as you would think, […]

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My Sweet Stewardship

It had been a long day. It wasn’t especially bad, just long. It was a school holiday and I seem to have a soft spot for single mothers, so we took in one of Little Red’s classmates, whom we’ve watched now for a total of four days. She’s not a bad kid, but the boys […]

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A Healthy Dose of Realism

Zen Mama: What time would you like to meet at the park? Vicky: Well, it’s almost 9 now, let’s say 10? Zen Mama: That works perfectly. My extra one will be here by then and I will be completely recovered from my delusions that I can do something this morning.

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