Blue’s Clues

1/16: Let’s go to church, find my joker, and then go home. 1/19: (when realize he’s about to get in trouble for being naughty) No!  Don’t defeat me! 1/21:  Daddy, you don’t have milkies.  Mummy has milkies.  But you still have flowers. 1/29:  (as Mack) BumbleBee, I’m poopy.  The muck is in my diaper. 2/26:  […]

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Holding on with Hawaii

Is it strange that as I watch, transfixed, the news waiting for the tsunami that I miss Hawaii even more than I did before? But I do. I love those people, I love those islands, I love the life we lived there. I remember hearing the older ones share their memories of the last big […]

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Thursdays Thoughts

I decided not to blog today. I have several drafts in the works but decided not to ruin any of them by working on them today. Turns out I don’t think well on 2 hours of sleep. In case you were wondering, sleeping in a racecar bed is not as glamourous as you would think, […]

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My Sweet Stewardship

It had been a long day. It wasn’t especially bad, just long. It was a school holiday and I seem to have a soft spot for single mothers, so we took in one of Little Red’s classmates, whom we’ve watched now for a total of four days. She’s not a bad kid, but the boys […]

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A Healthy Dose of Realism

Zen Mama: What time would you like to meet at the park? Vicky: Well, it’s almost 9 now, let’s say 10? Zen Mama: That works perfectly. My extra one will be here by then and I will be completely recovered from my delusions that I can do something this morning.

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This week I got the following letter from the collections agency: “In compliance with your request, RMS has closed this file and has returned it to” FINALLY!

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Today’s Taxes

Now that we are getting back to normal after the flood, I sat down to finish my taxes this morning. I solved my earlier problem (and it only took three different worksheets and an hour or two of my time!) and waded my way through to the end of the federal taxes. When I saw […]

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Just Because It’s Thursday

Little Red wore his Cat in the Hat hat to school yesterday. It wasn’t any special day, just a Thursday. I love this kid. He knows what he wants, and he’s so comfortable with his decisions. I want to be more like him. He was so cute in the bookmobile after school that I had […]

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