Back on the Happy Pills

I will never understand why I always wait so long after a bottle of vitamins runs out before I get more.  Really — do they cost that much?  My Mum refers to vitamins as “energy pills” when I make her take them at my place.  She always swears she can feel the difference.  I used to think she was crazy-deficient if she could feel a change with a standard multi-vitamin.  But I get it now.  (Now that I’m crazy-deficient, too?)

So even though I know that taking a vitamin helps me get through the day, helps avoid those I-need-to-eat-something-to-stay-awake moments, and helps me be a slightly nicer person, I still let lapse the time it take before I buy a new bottle.

I used to joke that I would be taking prenatal vitamins for 10 years, calculating that for the first time I was gestating and lactating and just passing on the vitamins to the boys, and the following 5 years would be my chance to replenish what I had lost.  But this time, when buying my vitamins, it just felt silly to get a prenatal.  So I didn’t.

I also finally took the front tire from my stroller into the bike shop and after that was fixed I bought a real bike pump (the freebie that came with the stroller two and a half years ago has long served it’s usefulness.)  I have vitamins again and a way to go on my long walks.  Happy Heather is back, people!

(which will probably mean I’m blogging less.  A healthier choice for all of us, if you ask me.)

One thought on “Back on the Happy Pills

  1. I’m not a big vitamin person. I take them when I’m pregnant, just in case, but pretty much never take them otherwise. I probably ought to be taking at least calcium more though cuz I pretty much never drink milk! although, with how many tums I’m taking right now, I’m probably covered in the calcium department for the next 10 years 😉

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