The household ch’i is angry.  I don’t blame it at all.  The carpet stinks.  The hall is lined with boxes haphazardly filled with the contents of our bookshelves.  The furniture is squashed into the dining area and kitchen.  We aren’t sleeping well at night and aren’t feeling great during the day.  I feel like I’m living in that show, Hoarders.  If ever there was a case for minimalism, it would be when Janel entered our home for the first time since the flood and said, “wow, you guys sure do have a lot of stuff!”

That settles it.  I think I’m going to post my entire apartment on freecycle.


3 thoughts on “Hoarders

  1. Oh, I am sending all kinds of sympathetic vibes your way. I totally know what you are talking about.

    But at least you are in California, where it is warm and you can get out and about and clear your head for a bit. Here we have snow. It’s pretty to look at, but it just makes everything that much harder, you know?

  2. I doubt you have too much stuff–its just probably too little space! Everyone looks like hoarders when their stuff is put in boxes in the hall!

    I hope your carpets get smelling better and dry soon!!! Good luck getting a piano too!

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