My Funny Valentine

It took Paul five years after we moved here before he started writing again. He couldn’t stand the idea of being “that guy.” You know, the same desperate guy who has been cloned a million different ways and lines every street in Los Angeles like the newspapers, hocking his screenplay and hoping for his big break. (or is in a band, or is an actor.) There is a lot of talent here, but there are also too many people who are approaching middle age and still hoping to get lucky. That’s not the kind of dad he wanted to be.

But last summer, while still unemployed, he decided he had nothing to lose and took up writing again. He took a class at UCLA. It reinvigorated him. It bolstered his spirits to help him make it through the final months of the job search. It gave him focus and encouragement that he was good. This time around he took a class with ACME, as he wanted something that combined both writing and performing.

On Tuesday, after many delays and reschedules, the level 4 writing lab finally performed some of their sketches. Every single person in Paul’s class, except for him, has been previously paid to act. In fact there’s one guy in his class who has been in several big-brand commercials. It could have been intimidating, but Paul held his own. I know that I’m biased in thinking he’s totally awesome. Some of his friends from his UCLA class came. Some of the regular ACME performers also came, and they were really impressed with him. Needless to say, he passed the class and has been cleared for the level 5 class, the final step before the Bravo Company. We’re not sure if he’s going to stick with them or go with another group, but we did really like the structure of ACME with the writing and performing link.

I am so proud of him. I had such a great time going out to a comedy show with my girlfriend and watching my husband make perfect strangers laugh. He is so awesome and I am so glad to be part of his amazing life.

(some videos clips are posted on facecrack if you’re interested)

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