Let me tell you why I like Egg.
Or, I’ll try at least.

I saw them first last summer. They do free children’s concerts at the Americana from time to time, and I saw them first on a day that started off terribly. They invited my children on stage to sing with them. They sang songs my children sang on the way home.

Their music, inspired by Cake among others, is the kind of stuff I’d choose to listen to, anyway. Their lyrics demonstrate clearly that they are parents themselves.

And they are stand-up people. (Let’s ignore the fact that one of them shares the same last name as my maiden name. Yes, it gives them bonus points, but that’s irrelevant.) There’s not an ounce of snobbery that they show when they’re doing their shows, they seem like regular people sharing their talents to make others happy. And between sets on Tuesday when we caught them again this week, Boy Blue and Daytime Brother wordlessly marched up the stage and started playing with the drum kit. I saw the singer and drummer watching, and approached them, asking, “is this okay?”

“Okay?” they replied, almost in unision. “This is great. This is to be encouraged.”

The boys jammed happily until lunchtime.

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