Distinguished School, yes. Distinguished me? uhhh

There’s a special luncheon at the school on Friday. The people from wherever who come to bestow upon us the Distinguished School award really like a dog and pony show. Last week in the Thursday folders we received an invitation to the luncheon. It was promptly recycled as I was pretty sure that Boy Blue and Daytime Brother were not included in my invitation, and figured it would be plenty crowded. Didn’t everyone get one of these?

Apparently everyone did not. How on earth did I get on the selection list?  It must have been a lottery.

5 thoughts on “Distinguished School, yes. Distinguished me? uhhh

        1. Actually, I think it’s because Paul’s on the board for the Foundation, because while I do help out a lot, I’m not holding any position and most of my stuff is very behind-the-scenes. Mystery solved.

          1. So, at the last board meeting Gloria went in asking for money for this dog and pony show. Paul made some sarcastic remark about being invited and she promised he would get an invite. Whether he was on the shortlist or not, that’s why we got an invite. (Did go, of course, but that’s not the point.)

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