Thursdays Thoughts

I decided not to blog today. I have several drafts in the works but decided not to ruin any of them by working on them today. Turns out I don’t think well on 2 hours of sleep. In case you were wondering, sleeping in a racecar bed is not as glamourous as you would think, despite it being a palindrome. My friend, Stacey, did that for two years. The woman deserves a medal. Actually, she deserves awards for many things, but sleeping in a racecar bed for two years is definitely trophy-worthy.

All I have to say is “Boy Blue finally got the cough.” Everyone knows what I’m talking about. Everyone knows how horrible it is. Everyone shares how horrible it was for them and how it never seemed to go away. i think every single person we know in LA has, or has had “the cough.” He didn’t cough once, for weeks while the rest of us were struggling, then suddenly last night awoke at midnight coughing so much it made him cry and wheezing between coughs. I spent the night listening to him breathe — was it getting better or getting worse? Was it cough-related or did I need to get him to the hospital? Once he settled down and went to sleep his temperature rose, a fever in our family is pretty rare, but as he was sleeping I just kept vigilance. Finally when he awoke at 5:30 I gave him some medicine to get the fever down so he could get back to sleep. And at 6:30 he awoke again, and told me that I could sleep in my own bed now. Which would have been great if it wasn’t 6:30 and time to make Little Red’s lunch, get breakfast going, and get the day started!

Today was rocky, but filled with little miracles. The best of all is that the boys are in bed and I will be once I fold the laundry and take a shower.

Looky here, I made a blog post after all. I guess stream-of-consciousness isn’t just for Faulkner and Karen! (although they both do a much better job than I.)

5 thoughts on “Thursdays Thoughts

  1. We call it RSV and Hallie had it 2 weeks ago and then Carter got it. Hallie woke up basically not breathing and doing the stridor/croupy cough. It is all over the place here in Utah too. Luckily I have the oral steroids in the house for the asthmatics so I didn’t have to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night.

    1. Ack! You guys always get it worse than us. So sorry! (And we miss you so much, don’t you want to move back here? I’m joking, I know how you feel and I understand but we still miss you guys.)

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