Our Newest Addition

Meet Catipillie: We took him out of his home just for you to meet him, as he wasn’t photographing well on the inside. He was one of Boy Blue’s birthday gifts. (Wow, does Miss Jennfie know our little bug lover or what, eh?) He is getting ready for some pretty big changes in his life. […]

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Nutritious, Delicious, and Fast!

This may be my first recipe posting ever, but I just have to share this. Last week my friend served me up some fresh green beans which had been steamed for one minute in boiling water, drained, and quickly sauteed with some olive oil and blackened seasoning. And, because she’s from Houston, pecans. They were […]

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Boy Blue’s Robot Party

The deed is done. My baby is three. The party was yesterday. It was a success. Everyone is happy. It got a lot of unfounded praise for my party so I’ll begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m not creative, I’m just really good with a google search. It seems that “nuts and bolts” are […]

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We bought Little Red a lunchbox from lunchbots.com instead of some licensed somethingorother made out of plastic. We’ve been thoroughly happy with our choice and have recommended it to several friends as well. I love the safety and durability of stainless steel. I love the minimalism in design. And I love trash-free lunches. Love. Today […]

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It’s Coming Together

Boy Blue’s party is in exactly 26 hours.  And I think I’m going to be ready.  I try to keep parties simple but always allow myself to feel overwhealmed anyway.  This time I actually feel in control.  So long as the cake turns out, then we’re set.  (And if it doesn’t, we’re having cupcakes.  But […]

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The Femivore’s Dilemma

Does anyone out there think Paul would let me do this? (even if we had a yard) It’s so beautiful, so empowering, so natural.  This is feminism defined.  In short, it’s exactly who I think I’d like to be.  Yes.  A mother of children and chickens.  I want to provide for my family in a […]

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The Good and the Bad

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like we were moving forward with the potty training. Urinating is fine so long as I take him to the washroom frequently enough, but he has developped some fear to doing number two in the toilet. Underpants? fine. Diaper? fine. Toilet? NEVER! It started as a control […]

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Why Bookgroups Matter

If you have the opportunity, you should do what you can to join a book group.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve read the current book already.  It doesn’t matter if you think the current book doesn’t look interesting.  It also doesn’t matter if, after you’ve read the book, you don’t think you have anything intelligent […]

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Dear March, I love you. You are perfect in every way. Your cool days are refreshing. Your warm days are relaxing. Your gentle spring breezes carry the smell of the blooming flowers into our home. It reminds us of when we lived in Hawaii. It feels like paradise, even within our disheveled apartment. You are […]

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