Life Is Pretty Good

In two months from today my brother will be getting married. I will no longer be the only married sibling, and Haley will no longer be my only sister. I think the bride-to-be is really sweet and she and my brother seem to make each other really happy. I’m very happy for them.

I’m even more happy because, through no small miracle, I am going to be able to attend their wedding! I’ll be travelling to Edmonton solo (making it my first night sans enfants, ever) and it’ll be a superfast trip, but I am the only sibling who’ll be in the temple with them, and that’s a pretty big deal to James. And to me. And to Mum, of course. Life is pretty good.


2 Responses to Life Is Pretty Good

  1. Andrea says:

    that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you! I was too young to go in temple for my sisters wedding, so enjoy it!!!!

  2. […] all the other things, and that’s when I found my new purse.  It’ll be perfect for my trip to Edmonton at the end of the month (even a spot for my passport!) but equally handy for day trips […]

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