I’ve been on a kick for setting mini-goals.  Right before the new year I wanted to see if I could post every day for two weeks which quickly evolved into a month.  At the end of the month I thought, “well let’s just see how far we can go with this?”  I cleared another month with hardly a thought.  (Which yes, I admit, does sum up most of my posts, but since I figured there was so little content to begin with it would be fun to find out just how far I could go with quantity.)

This week I decided that each morning when I awoke and came downstairs the toys would be picked up from the living room floor, and the kitchen clean — not even dishes drying in the sink clean, but CLEAN.  The problem is that the cleaning faeries are the laziest bunch of creatures I’ve ever met so I have to do it all myself before I go to bed!  Last night it was 10:30 before I went upstairs to have a shower and go to bed. 

Mind you, that’s because I was doing dishes during the commercials of 24.  This, my friends, is exactly why I haven’t set any exercise goals yet.

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I always read your blogs via RSS and there are many times I say to myself, “I need to comment on that.” Then I don’t. Anyway, here I am, commenting. I love to read your blogs. I’m so glad you do it everyday. I don’t read just because I want to know what you’re up to. I also read because I really do love the way you write.

    I used to write in my journal every day. It started the year I went on my mission and it lasted for over 2 years. Then when I went back to school, I missed 1 day during finals week. I was SO mad! But I bounced back. Then I got engaged. I never bounced back. But I’m getting better at blogging.

    Anyway, one more thing. I was wondering about that group “Egg” you mentioned in a blog a while back. I googled them, but, of course couldn’t find anything about them. How can I hear them? They sound right up our alley.

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