When The Government Doesn’t Listen, You Can Vote With Your Wallet

In an age of corporate fraud, a time when ethics seems an antiquated notion, and even the “good guys” are making serious cutbacks, it’s heartwarming to see so many people still chosing to do good.

This year Disneyland is offering a one-day pass to anyone who devotes a day of service to certain organizations. Certainly a great deal.  It’s not, however, the point of my missive.

I’m even more excited with the companies who are choosing to give back to our public schools. As I am coordinating many of the fundraising efforts for our PTA (watch for my board position next year, I’ve already been given the head’s up that I’ve been nominated,) I get to see some pretty neat things.

Many of our grocery stores run programs that give a percentage back to the school of every purchase we make with our registered club cards. Boxtops for Education and Campbell’s Labels for Education represent a large number of national brands that have contracted to reward consumers by giving back to the schools as well. And now Jamba Juice is on board! Our schools “appreciation cards” have just arrived and I am so excited to pass them out and start sipping!  (I may have to test one out today, just to make sure it works.  You know, for, uh, …  research.)

Do you want to help our amazing school at a time of serious budget shortfalls? Our school faces losing 10 beloved teachers this fall. We are not a large school, so this is a major crisis. You can donate to our Foundation (we’re hoping to hire aides to help our teachers with the oversized classes,) collect boxtops and labels, or just register your club cards and never think about it again.  Even better, you can do all of the above.  You’ll feel good knowing you’re helping a really great school, and it’s really easy!

(Contact me for more information.)

One thought on “When The Government Doesn’t Listen, You Can Vote With Your Wallet

  1. I’m glad there are people out there trying to help out too. It restores my faith in people in general…kindof! I wish you the best with your fundraising efforts!

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