The Twins Are Growing Up

It happened. It finally happened. After a year and a half (and more!) Boy Blue and his Daytime Brother are finally within the same range as each other, and I feel like I’ve got a set of twins following me around. They’re about the same size now, and while they’re still nine months apart, the difference always shrinks as time goes on. They get along better than they ever have before, and while they’re not without their spats, they’re more like siblings and less like competitors. They have already begun to assume the roles of co-conspirators, and as soon as the younger one figures out the whole talking thing . . . boy will I be in trouble!

I didn’t always feel this way, but lately as I ponder the reality that this setup isn’t permanent and was never intended to be so, I realize how much I’m going to miss the little guy, and how much Boy Blue will as well. Next to Little Red, I think Daytime Brother is probably Boy Blue’s best friend.

It used to drive me crazy when people would refer to the two of them as twins. Short of being in the same stroller I had no idea how anyone could think they were twins. They certainly didn’t look alike, nor did they look the same age, or even developmentally on the same page. No one asks me anymore if they are twins (but I do get the hesitant questions about their ages — how could they both be mine?) But now I’ve started to think of them as twins. And until the end of the month they are both two years old.


One thought on “The Twins Are Growing Up

  1. The twin thing is weird. People used to think my sister and I were twins. She is two years younger than I am. Some people have no clue!

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