My thoughts are all jumbled today. Everything that could be a blog post is just a one-liner and I don’t feel like posting any of the drafts today. They don’t fit.

My heart hurts from this, and I pray that those families will find peace and that all parents will be vigilant and cautious.  Babywearing, like most things in life, is safe when done properly.

My mind is trying to figure out if this can help our case with LAUSD who is currently baring its teeth and claiming that it won’t issure inter-district permits this year (cutting one half of Little Red’s classmates who won’t go to LAUSD schools anyway, but would rather pay for private school.)  Or if it’s just one more drop in the bucket of ineptitude.

But this makes me laugh.  Initially I thought “why can’t they hold it like true fans?”  but remembered the difference between them and me:  I wasn’t drinking beer.

Well folks, with both of my children awake I’m going to try to get some rest this afternoon.  I have an appointment with the vampires this evening and I know better than to go without a little bit of rest.  It wouldn’t do to pass out and scare everyone again.


4 thoughts on “Linkies

  1. 1. Once I learned the right way to wear a baby, I loved it. I only wished that had happened with #1 instead of #4.

    2. Articles like this make me want to scream, but if you are able to use it to help you (and I hope you can), then at least some good will come out of it.

    3. That is TRULY funny.

  2. Not everyone who was watching the game was drinking beer. Where did you come up with that? Also, I saw a similar graph MANY years ago that showed water consumption during the airing of the miniseries Roots. The peaks were during the commercial breaks.

  3. I want to make a good sling. I haven’t worn my kids in the past, but I really want to this time around! Do you know a link that could show me how to make a good safe sling? I saw a lady wearing one at the zoo that looked absolutely crazy–yards of fabric wrapped all around both shoulders, baby cradled upright in the middle. Have you ever seen one of those? The lady said it was her favorite kind (I have no idea how she put it on or took it off, but it did look comfy for both her and baby). What is your favorite sling?

    And that last link–oh man, too funny!!! I didn’t know that canada had won the hockey game! We were on road when it aired. I’ve been wondering who won (but…obviously, not enough to actually google it yet :P)

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