My Day Off

I’d been helping my friend a lot lately, watching her three-year old while she ran to meetings, and she asked if she could someday kidnap Boy Blue to repay me. (She’d offer to take Daytime Brother but knows how I feel about other people watching him when I’m the one being paid to do so.) I immediately remembered that Daytime Brother had an upcoming trip to Disneyland with his family, so we made plans for Boy Blue’s day with Logan and “Miss Jennfie” to be the same day.

And immediately I said to Jen, “but what will I do?” She looked at me like I was missing the point completely. “Does it matter?” she asked.

So I thought, “what is that one thing I want to do but can’t with the boys?” It came to me immediately. Help out in Little Red’s class.

After a little rescheduling as plans changed, the long-awaited day arrived. Boy Blue was elated to go on his special playdate, Little Red and I were both excited that I was going to his class.

It was a little piece of heaven. I was so happy to hear the Italian babble as the children went through their routines. I was so happy to do whatever I could in the classroom to help my hard-working teacher and her aide: filing, photocopying, organizing. Teaching in an immersion class is a whole lot of extra work with no extra pay, I want to do what I can to help ease the burden and keep them happy.

At snacktime/recess, Little Red kept running over to me and giving me hugs, and while eating his apple he sat on my lap and two of his friends followed along to sit with the teachers, too. We had to shoo them away. They needed to play! (and the teachers won’t speak English with them around.) As we returned to the classroom he held my hand and told me that he loved me.

One of the Spanish mothers happened to be in the workroom when I was there and she helped me fix the broken, antique photocopier, which although that process took forever, was a real victory for us. If we could fix that, we felt like we could do anything!  That’s another point for Team Mum if you’re keeping score.

When school was over and Little Red went off to his Lego Engineering class I stayed to help organize the classroom library, chatted with the teacher and another mother, and finally went to pick up my dear friend, my favourite five year old.

We met Boy Blue and his family-for-the-day at the park, and hung around for nearly an hour. The weather was perfect, sunny, warm, but not hot. Some of the other children from Little Red and Kyra’s classes, respectively, were also there (coincidence!) filling the children with entertainment and the grownups with leisurely conversation.

I didn’t want to leave. Everything was perfect. But it’s Date Night tonight. The boys needed to nap. And I had a baby sling to make and goodies for a baby shower tomorrow morning.

It could not have been a more peaceful, happy, perfect day. Wow.

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