Food, Glorious Food!

Date Night:
crab-stuffed wontons
black pearl sushi
green dragon sushi
strawberry and mango mochi

Baby Shower:
WAS going to be cheesecake stuffed strawberries dipped in chocolate
THEN was going to be chocolate brioche with mascarpone and strawberries *
but WAS chocolate chip scones

* I am particularly skilled at missing key parts of recipes (like “chill overnight”) when reviewing them before I start. Midway through the brioche this morning I saw that fateful line, popped the dough in the fridge, and ran to the store for heavy cream — scones it is! Tomorrow’s breakfast will be delicious. Little Red has already asked if he could have TWO slices of chocolate bread for breakfast.

As for the diet? Uhhhh, well it’s a good thing that I ate a lot of salad at the shower this morning.


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