Now That’s Just Creepy!

Two days ago, as Paul was putting Boy Blue to bed, he prompted the little guy to think of something happy about which he could dream. (Bedtime has been tricky lately and Daylight Savings has just made it so much worse.)  Boy Blue knew instantly what he would dream about “Mummy’s hair.”  Not Mummy, not something he’d do with Mummy, but Mummy’s hair.  *shudder*

This only a few hours after Little Red was extolling to me the virtues of thumb-sucking.  Apparently I should start because it really feels good.

Both of them have got to stop sucking their thumbs, soon.  This is driving me crazy.


3 thoughts on “Now That’s Just Creepy!

  1. I have found that when the children are old enough to understand, bribery, I mean, a reward system, works great for changing certain behaviors.

  2. Jenacy has TOTALLY kicked the thumb sucking habit–hadn’t sucked it for at least a good month. Then we moved and now it’s back. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it’s driving me nutty!!! 😛

  3. You should get him/her a “Thumbuddy To Love”- it is all about growing up and stopping thumb sucking. Kids love it and you can get it on Amazon or thier web site. Give it a try!!

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