We bought Little Red a lunchbox from instead of some licensed somethingorother made out of plastic. We’ve been thoroughly happy with our choice and have recommended it to several friends as well. I love the safety and durability of stainless steel. I love the minimalism in design. And I love trash-free lunches. Love.

Today I think I love them even more.

We got the following letter in the mail:

Dear LunchBots Customer,
Thank you for your LunchBots purchase in Fall 2009.
We recently discovered that a small batch of LunchBots lids had a manufacturing defect where the paint did not adhere well to the underlying stainless steel and the color on these lids may begin to peel over time. Our lids are designed to be durable and we have corrected the problem.
We are dedicated to producing a high quality product and for this reason, we are sending you replacement lids for your LunchBots.
Thank you for supporting our mission to reduce the use of plastic.
The Team at LunchBots

I want to go online and buy another just because I love them so much!!! It’s not too early to start collecting Boy Blue’s school supplies, is it?

One thought on “LunchBots

  1. It’s wonderful to discover a good company, isn’t it? It does make you want to buy more. (Bad companies should realize this.)

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