Boy Blue’s Robot Party

The deed is done. My baby is three. The party was yesterday. It was a success. Everyone is happy. It got a lot of unfounded praise for my party so I’ll begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m not creative, I’m just really good with a google search.

It seems that “nuts and bolts” are a staple at any self-respecting robot party. So we had just that.

(Thanks to Wendolonia for the “Nuts & Bolts sign which I modified and used throughout the party.) We also ate computer chips and fuel cells. 

We drank robot water.  The internet suggested a punch and calling it something like motor oil, but I am a water drinker, so shall people at my party also drink water.  Besides, we didn’t have an appropriate punch dispenser/container.  They were a huge hit.  In fact, Paul asked for robot water to take to his class.

We made robots with marshmallows and toothpicks.  (And I scrapped two other crafts for the simplicity of this one.  So glad I did.  Some of our little friends are amazing engineers!)

The rest of the entertainment was, of course, run and play at the fantastic park on this perfect-of-all mornings.

And of course, la piece de resistance, the cake, which was inspired by Cookie Magazine and was even more fun to make and serve than it was to eat:

Each child went home with a goody bag containing the obligatory candy (I used foil-wrapped easter chocolates for the shiny robot look, some bubbles, and a wind-up robot.)  The bag toppers again used the same “nuts and bolts” template, only with the children’s names instead of food titles, and were a big hit.  Children are so great — they don’t even care what’s inside the bag so long as there is one.  One with their names on them looking cute?  That’s a win for sure.
Including siblings and the birthday boy, I had to make 13 goody bags.  It is much easier to purchase 12 of something than 13, so Boy Blue’s goody bag was without bubbles and without the space robot.  I ponied up only a little bit more than with the other goodybag fillers and got Boy Blue a Zero Gravity Fridge Rover, a windup robot that drives up the fridge, which I found at our local robot store, for, incidentally, cheaper than what it is on Amazon.  Score one for the local shopkeeper! 


6 thoughts on “Boy Blue’s Robot Party

  1. Great Job Heather! It all came together very well. Way to take a theme and run with it! The cake turned out awesome and way to go with the creative names for the snacks. Very cool!

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