Nutritious, Delicious, and Fast!

This may be my first recipe posting ever, but I just have to share this. Last week my friend served me up some fresh green beans which had been steamed for one minute in boiling water, drained, and quickly sauteed with some olive oil and blackened seasoning. And, because she’s from Houston, pecans.

They were amazing. And so fast! And so healthy! And did I mention tasty?

So I made them for Paul last night, with one change, as I’m not from Houston I don’t have pecans in my freezer so the nuts were omitted and it was still good! A hit with Paul. A hit with me. Healthy. A perfect side dish with a kick. Try it tonight!

6 thoughts on “Nutritious, Delicious, and Fast!

  1. I want to try it now! But, steamed in a steamer pot, or boiled underwater for 1 minute? How much olive oil? What is blackened seasoning? (i’m not a good cook–I just follow recipes REALLY well πŸ˜› You have to put the dots close together with me haha!)

    1. I put just a little bit of water (not enough to cover a layer of beans) in the pan I would later use to sautee, covered, and quickly boiled for one minute. Drained the beans and using the same pan drizzled some olive oil on the beans, I didn’t measure, I’m sorry, and sprinkled the seasoning on to taste. I googled “blackened seasoning” and used the recipe that most closely matched the spices I had in my cupboard. I didn’t measure anything and it came out just fine. Have some faith in yourself! You can do these without measuring!

      1. I went shopping at walmart this morning before thinking of googling a homemade recipe, and low and behold, they sell blackened seasoning in the season aisle! I got it…but then didn’t feel like green beans tonight. But, what to make for dinner? Then I wondered what blackened seasoning would taste like on chicken.

        So, cut the chicken breast in half length-wise (so its skinny), dip lightly in olive oil, shake on some blackened seasoning and then pan fry for abt 10 mins (or until cooked).

        It is soooooooo tasty!!! I think I’ve got a new favorite flavor! Even all the kids (who generally aren’t fans of spicy things) loved it & said I should make it again tomorrow πŸ˜€

        1. Oh yes! We love blackened chicken. Little Red, unfortunately, does not like anything “spicy.” This includes pepperoni. So when I make the green beans I do a slight shake of seasoning, plate the food, and then properly season Paul’s and my beans. πŸ˜€

          1. mmmmmmm leftover blackened chicken in a salad…

            Seriously, I would have never tried this spice on my own! you’ve opened up a whole new world of flavor for me πŸ˜€

            I’m ordering you to post more recipes in the future πŸ˜‰

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