I am going to paint that country red.  Red and white.  There will be red all over the great white north.  Just you wait and see.

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All My Bags Are Packed…

which was really easy since I’m only one person and only going for two days. And once the stuff for my one brother gets delivered and the gift for the groom-to-be (and his wife, of course) is gifted, my bag will be pretty empty. I love travelling light! I am looking forward to 48 hours […]

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I have new inspiration and a new focus for the next period of my life, and it all started with an accordian. Wanting to add music to our Italian class, Albe and I decided to sit in on some classes that one of the mothers was doing in the Spanish classes. Now, I’ve known Sara […]

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I am SUCH a nerd. There I was, yesterday, dumping the contents of my weekend compost collection into the composter at school, trying to contain a happy dance. The fruit flies were everywhere, the smell went unnoticed, and all I could think about was how happy I was. Happy that the school started a garden […]

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Getting There

My big personal resolution this year was to be more emotionally self-sufficient. It has required a great deal of effort, but I think I’ve seen some progress.  Although I know it hasn’t, it seems to me like the world has slowed down just a little, and as a result I have the time to think […]

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I Did It!

I have always admired (coveted) my mother-in-law’s ability for being able to tell when the asparagus is done by smell. (And my husband can do it with pasta.) I have hoped beyond hopes that I would also get there. Someday. Somehow. And today it happened! Is anyone surprised that it was a baked good that […]

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When travelling on planes as a child, to and from my respective parents’ homes, I was also uncomfortable with the safety discussion with regard to the oxygen masks.  How could someone healthy selfishly put on her own mask before assisting those nearby with theirs?  Surely the stronger could hold out longer than the weak, and […]

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On Weight

Until I became a part of my husband’s family I had a pretty mainstream view of food.  I appreciated all good foods, tried to eat my share of the healthy stuff, and apart from the occaisional festivity, kept my eating within moderation.  But then along came Paul.  He introduced me to a whole host of […]

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Today I held a baby. A less-than-a-week old, squishy, squirmy, contented little newborn. He fit in my one arm. He snuggled up to me. He was perfection. I was able to hold him, coo at him, enjoy him, without once feeling that ovarian twinge that made me wish he was mine. Or make me wish […]

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