It’s the Little Things

(overheard while I have my back to the world and face to the computer)
Red: Let’s play “hide and seek.” I’ll hide, and you cover your eyes and count to 20. Okay?
Blue: Okay. [pause] One, two … ummmmm hmmmmm.  I give up.  Mummy, where’s Little Red?

Saturday was a big day for our little pet, Catipillie. It was moving day. He’d been in his crysallis for almost a week so we moved it into the “butterfly bungalow” so that when he emerges he’ll have room to spread his wings. Moving day was pretty traumatic and he is quite literally hanging by a thread, but he has been so since Saturday so I hope that our disruption of his homeostatis was only temporary.

Anyway, we’re pretty excited to have the little guy around. On Saturday night, when we decorated eggs, we did one for him, too. The boys coloured theirs and then we died them. Paul, Catipillie and I made use of those amazing Russian shrink-wrap stuff that we got years ago when my inlaws were living in Moscow. I thought I had a picture of that, but I can’t find it. I’ll take one and add it in later. Catipillie’s is a beautiful butterfly scene.

***EDIT:  Photos!


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