We Slept In!

As the sun filtered in through the blinds I slowly awoke, enjoying the quiet moment. It felt so good to be waking at my own pace and for my own reasons. So peaceful. So like in the movies and I always thought that was fake.

Paul dreamily said, “we slept in. It’s 9:30. We’re missing church.”

I, still in dreamland myself, concluded that it was too late to make it for more than the last hour, and that we’d watch a Saturday session of conference from last week instead. We had a lazy start to the day.

When 10am rolled around it suddenly dawned on me that we weren’t that late for church as there were still two hours remaining, and that we were going to go. Late or not, we go to church. That’s what we do.

That’s not exactly how I thought our morning would go, but given that I didn’t pick up the boys, still awake, from their friend’s house until 1am, I can’t believe I thought they’d still wake me up before 7. Lesson learned.


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