The Other Side

I live in a bit of a bubble.  I know that. The people with whom I surround myself daily, while we are all unique to varying degrees, are all people whom I feel are facing pretty much the same direction as I. At the end of the day, when I reflect on something which I felt is completely strange, I realize that the differences are not all that great.

This morning I was blessed to have a conversation with a woman whom, besides religious affiliation, could not see the world more differently than myself. I’ve known her for years and have respect for her, and am grateful that we were able to talk as we did. It did not change my feelings on the subject one iota. And since the two of us were speaking completely different languages I’m sure her feelings on the subject haven’t changed either. (And while I’m astounded to realize she’s a bit of a xenophobe, my feelings toward her have not changed, either. I still respect her and her opinions.)

I left grateful to have had that talk with her, to gain a better insight into the way other people think. I am appreciative that I found a way to shift the conversation and keep things light instead of refuting her complaints, I had enough discernment to see that what I said didn’t matter. I am glad to have had that talk, to open my perspective, and to reaffirm within my own heart that what I’m doing is truly what I believe to be best. And I’m glad to be enough of a grown up that I didn’t feel the need to push my point, to prove to her that I was right, or to change her mind.  There’s a lot of complaining about getting older, but I have found so much peace as I mature.

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