<2 Weeks

I am of two minds today.

On the one hand I want to start packing.
On the other I feel completely unprepared, there is so much to do!

But in two weeks I’ll be home from my first solo trip since becoming a mother. Wow!

2 thoughts on “<2 Weeks

  1. You’re going to have so much fun!!! I get to go to San Diego in June. For FIVE days. ALL BY MYSELF. I’m so excited to sleep by myself, really. The solo trips I’ve had since becoming a mother would be a band trip from Reno to Las Vegas not long after Dallin was born. It was for a football game and only one night. I traded in my toddler and baby for high schoolers… not that much different, really.

  2. My only solo trips have been to girl’s camp. Does it count as a solo trip if I’m still responsible for someone else’s kids?
    Oh wait! I went to Portland for a couple days by myself when my sis went to the temple a few years ago. But I slept on the floor and got one of the worst colds of my life–& no husband to take care of me! It wasn’t a relaxing vacation!

    I’m a terrible packer–I put it off until THE last minute. Every time. I like to think my brain works better under pressure. That probably isn’t true…it’s just that walmart is always there to save me whenever I forget obvious stuff haha!

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