I am SUCH a nerd. There I was, yesterday, dumping the contents of my weekend compost collection into the composter at school, trying to contain a happy dance. The fruit flies were everywhere, the smell went unnoticed, and all I could think about was how happy I was. Happy that the school started a garden (and compost.) Happy that I chose this school. Happy that the other parents contributing to the compost are doing it right so it isn’t stinky (no animal products, people!) Happy that the bin was filling. Happy to see the decomposition. Happy to include my children in this beautiful restorative circle of life.Ā  Happy that I’ll be back again tomorrow with more.Ā  (Making sauce in the morning, and those onion skins will add vitamin c to our black gold.)

4 thoughts on “Decay

  1. Compost makes me happy too.

    They say that gardeners are very friendly and that they will share anything with another gardener — except compost. I think it’s true.

  2. The comment I was going to leave here was long enough to be a post all its own. So it’s going to turn into that when I get a little more time šŸ™‚

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