All My Bags Are Packed…

which was really easy since I’m only one person and only going for two days. And once the stuff for my one brother gets delivered and the gift for the groom-to-be (and his wife, of course) is gifted, my bag will be pretty empty. I love travelling light!

I am looking forward to 48 hours without anyone touching my face or hair. Personal space notwithstanding, I will miss my family terribly. The last time I travelled solo it wasn’t really solo — I went with two fellow teachers, both my dearest teacher friends, both of whom had children my age. We drove all of the two hours or so it took to get to Richmond, and stayed with the mother of one of them in an old Richmond home (beautiful!) and spent our days at a teaching conference. That was October of 2003, before I was even pregnant with Little Red. Travelling without Paul, without the boys, and even without friends, will be a very different experience for me. I understand that people read and sleep on airplanes when travelling without children. I plan to try both of those things.

I have already checked in online!

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