Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Spatula

These are a few of our favourite things …

* To begin with, if you haven’t seen UHF lately, you should. 

* The silicone pastry brush is Little Red and Boy Blue’s favourite toy, and doubles as a really fantastic kitchen tool.  We use it often.  In fact, we have two of them.  This is good for multiple baking projects, and also good for duels.

* On our wedding registry we listed 12″ tongs.  We received no end of grief about it (“12″ tongs?  why would you register for tongs?!?”) until we gave the same tongs as a gift to the naysayers.  They are now believers.

*  We have an unhealthy obsession with cookies and cookie cutters.

Using the colours of their wedding invitation I put together this bouquet.  It’s pretty, but it was also easy to dismantle for the purpose of international travel, and reassemble.  I paired it with a matching notecard, and presto!  A perfectly coordinated gift.  I am very pleased with the result, and I hope that James and Lindsay get a lifetime of use out of those items.  (We own each of those pieces and love them to … pieces.)

Congratulations on your new life!  Hooray!

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