On Vacation At Home

Last night I took the children to my board meeting while Paul went to the airport and we all met up at the Americana to welcome Dad and Liz and begin our journey of eating our way through till Sunday.

It’s been a very successful campaign so far.

I took today and tomorrow off work, Paul is taking tomorrow off, and Reed has already announced to half of the school that he will not be there tomorrow because he’s going to Disneyland. (Something tells me that the decision to not renew our passes has been difficult for everyone.)

I love being on vacation at home — I don’t have to plan and cook supper, I don’t have to live out of a suitcase, and I don’t have to try to get my children to sleep in unfamiliar places, and I’ve pretty much stopped reading emails and answering the phone. But I get to eat out a lot, spend time with some of my favourite people, and relax a little bit. The kids are a little bit wild, but I fully expect them to be on their best behaviours tomorrow.

Within this past week I have seen all members of my immediate family with the exception of one brother. For those of you who understand the breadth and depth of my family, you can appreciate what a feat that is!

2 thoughts on “On Vacation At Home

  1. NOW I know why I haven’t heard back from you. Have a great vacation, and I’ll talk to you when everyone is gone. đŸ™‚

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